Who is Anjali?

  From an early age, Anjali learned that the art of henna is a gift which brings people of all cultures and creeds together. She watched her mother connect with people from anywhere and everywhere as she adorned their hands with intricate patterns and motifs. Soon enough, Anjali's childhood love for henna grew into a life-long passion for art & design. This is the framework behind Anjali's sophisticated and distinctly recognizable style.

  An acclaimed artist, Anjali is known for her impact and finesse in both classical & contemporary styles. Boasting a following of thousands across her various social media platforms, Anjali's work has made its mark amongst top professionals across the globe. Anjali has a culturally diverse clientele and continues to create each art piece with an immense amount of care. Offering both henna & jagua, her paste is crafted from scratch with only the best natural ingredients sourced from across the globe.

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