aftercare is crucial to a beautiful stain

A beautiful, long lasting stain requires three things: great art, great paste, and a great client. Proper aftercare is absolutely vital to your stain! 

how long does it take to dry?

Your design will take about 2-3 hours to fully dry and harden. Some bits may flake off - please avoid picking at it! The longer you can keep your paste on, the darker your stain will be and the longer it will last.

 Jagua-Henna transfers instantly! Because it is extremely dark and quick to stain, please exercise caution. Do not touch the design. Please avoid any activities where you may be in contact with water - this will cause your design to blur and transfer! 

how long do i leave it on?

Leave your henna design on for at least 8 hours. This sounds crazy, but once your design is dry and sealed, it won't go anywhere until you scrape it off. Brides, please try to leave your henna on overnight (9-12 hours minimum). This is also true for any clients who are receiving henna on the upper arms, legs, or back. These areas take the longest to stain! Keeping your paste on is key for a deep, dark, long-lasting henna stain.

For jagua henna, 4-6 hours is ideal for a dark and long lasting stain, but it will be dark in as little as 2 hours. If you know you'll need to be using your hands, it's better to wash off jagua henna sooner rather than later because there's a good chance your design can be smudged. Do not sleep with jagua henna.

how do i take off the paste?

Henna: scrape off the dried paste - do not use water! Warm up a bit of olive oil or coconut oil & rub it over any remaining dried flakes - this makes it easier to remove.

Jagua henna: wash it off with warm running water and soap. Don't scrape off jagua-henna with your fingers - it will transfer onto your other hand!

upon removing the paste

Your henna stain will be a bright pumpkin orange color and will darken significantly over the next 3 days. Don't worry! The initial color of henna is very different from the final color.

Your jagua henna stain will be a faint orange/gray color and will darken significantly over the next few hours. 

avoid water, soap, detergent, hand sanitizers, and scrubs

The most important tip. Use gloves when showering or washing dishes, and keep your skin properly moisturized to prevent exfoliation & fading.

additional tips

Henna reacts well to heat! Keep your henna design warm for the first 12 hours to further darken your stain. You don't need to use Vick's or seran wrap on your henna! It's best to keep your skin hydrated with oils (after you've removed the paste) and let your skin breathe.

Jagua henna does not react well to heat. Your skin may react to the if the jagua henna comes into contact with very hot water or steam. When you remove your jagua henna paste, simply avoid touching other parts of your body with your stained skin, as the design can still transfer over the next 24 hours. 

can it be removed?

There's no way to get rid of a henna or jagua henna design because you need to wait for your skin to exfoliate over the next few days. The best way to remove the design sooner is to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week, to stimulate rejuvenation of the skin.

my fingers are darker than my forearm

This is normal! Henna stains best on areas with thicker skin. This includes the hands and feet. It's best to use jagua henna on areas such as the back, chest, and upper arms, or to leave the henna on a bit longer.


Although we can guarantee the freshness and quality of our products, they are 100% natural and unrefined. This means that the final color, intensity, or duration cannot be guaranteed. Under no circumstances will Anjali Henna be held responsible or liable for the final color, intensity, or duration of the henna and/or jagua stain. All sales are final.

Location, body temperature, individual skin type and tone, as well as the use of hand lotions, soaps, hand-sanitizers, spray-on tanning products, body oils, cosmetics, etc. all affect the final color of the henna and/or jagua stain. Clients are fully responsible for the proper aftercare of their henna and/or jagua stain. A detailed aftercare card will be provided at the time of your session.