When should i book?

It's best to book your henna session 3 days before your event. This means that if you are getting bridal henna done for a wedding on Sunday, try to book your bridal session on Thursday. If you have to go to a party on Friday, book your private session on Tuesday! It takes 3 days for your henna design to reach its peak stain.

For jagua henna, it only takes about 24-48 hours to achieve a dark color! Try to book your session 2 days before your main event. I do not offer jagua henna for bridal bookings at this time.

how long will our session take?

Looking forward to meeting you! Please make sure that you have cleared your schedule for the next few hours. If you are coming to my home for a private session, it depends on what you are getting! Back, arm, and leg designs can take around 2-3 hours. You won't be able to move around for a while, please keep this in mind for the rest of your day! If you are receiving henna on your palms, you will have to Uber or have someone else drive you.

If you are getting bridal henna done, your session will take a minimum of 5 hours. It's very important that your entire schedule for the day is cleared - you won't be able to walk or move your arms. All Sangeet and Mehndi parties should take place on a separate day from your bridal henna. 

How should I prepare for my session?

Please fully remove all hair on the area you'll be getting your design, exfoliate your skin, and wear loose, comfy clothing. It's also a great idea to shower right before your appointment - you won't be able to come into contact with any water for the next 24 hours! Do not use any body butters, lotions, or oils before your session.

remove your hair

Please make sure to remove all traces of hair on the area where you will be decorated for your bridal henna or private session. This is to ensure your henna or jagua henna can stain perfectly! Brides, it's best to wax your arms 2-3 days beforehand.

nails, waxing, tanning

All beauty appointments should be done before your bridal or private session! The products used during your nail and waxing appointments will greatly affect the longevity of the stain. If you spray tan, your stain will look 2-3 shades lighter.

where are you located?

My home studio is based in Glendale, California. You will receive the address to our home studio once you have reserved your date and put down a deposit.

can you travel to me?

I typically do not travel for private sessions. However if you are a small group of 3 or more, I'd be happy to make the trip to you for an additional travel fee based on your location. Please make sure to include this in your inquiry when you request a session!

For bridal henna bookings, I can travel across all of California. Destination bridal sessions will only be considered based on my schedule & availability. Brides are also more than welcome to come out to my home! Our quiet space allows for a very comfortable bridal session and clean, beautiful designs. It also tends to reduce the session time by 2-3 hours!

*Allergies: please note that we have 2 adorable cats! 

how do you take payment?

Your deposit will be taken via Venmo or Paypal. Once you're ready to book your session, you will receive an invoice where you can pay your non-refundable deposit. Your session is not booked until we receive your deposit (for bridal henna, your session is not fully booked until we receive your deposit & bridal contract). This deposit will go toward your session total, which is payable via card, cash, or Venmo.

Can you recreate other artists' work?

Anjali does not recreate other artists' designs. She'll create something unique for you!