henna & jagua henna cones

If you have any concerns with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us at mail@anjalihenna.com. Include your full name & order number. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you.

cones are shipped once a week

Your henna cones will be shipped out once a week, usually on Mondays. This is because you are receiving a freshly prepared batch of paste! Cones are shipped on Mondays only to ensure that cones do not get stuck in transit over the weekend.

Orders must be placed by Sunday at 9 PM PST to be shipped in the same week. If an order is placed on a non-shipment day, the order will be freshly processed and dispatched the very next Monday. 

how long does it take to arrive?

Priority mail generally takes 2-3 days for urban locations, and 4-5 days for suburban areas. While we do everything we can to ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner, we are not liable for any delays or mistakes incurred by the local mail courier. If you need your cones by a certain date, it's important to order your cones at least 2 weeks in advance!

freeze your cones immediately upon arrival

Please freeze your cones immediately upon arrival. Henna cones are perishable. Anjali Henna can only guarantee freshness if cones are shipped via Priority Express and frozen immediately upon arrival. Anjali Henna is not responsible for cones that have prematurely expired due to negligence on the customer's behalf.

How long do they last?

Your cones will last up to 6-12 months in the freezer. They will not expire unless they are left outside for 5-6 days, however they can only be thawed 3-4 times before the stain is impacted.

double check your information before you order

Please double check your shipping information before submitting your order. If there is any issue with the address you placed your order with, please contact us via email immediately. Unfortunately, shipping errors cannot be rectified after your henna cones have shipped!

return policy

Henna cones are handmade, natural products. Due to this, variations in consistency and texture will occur week to week. If you feel your item has arrived defective or damaged in any way, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible. Your order may be refunded or exchanged at our discretion.

Cancelling an order

We accept cancellations until your order has shipped. If you would like to cancel your order, please email us with your full name and order number before Sunday, 9 PM PST.

Children & Pregnant or nursing women

Please use our Lavender Love blend of henna if you are nursing or pregnant! We do not recommend jagua henna for pregnant or nursing women & children.

paste consistency

Our jagua henna & henna paste is 100% rajasthani henna, triple sifted and incredibly smooth. Due to its fine sift, our paste is rich, creamy and soft.


We do not offer special orders or bulk paste orders at this time.

Cone size

Our cones are open rolled with printed cellophane, and contain a 0.5 mm color-coordinated pin. They stand about 5 inches tall and weigh 15-20 grams. Cones will vary slightly in size and shape as they are handcrafted products.

stain test

***Perform a small patch test on your skin to make sure you are not allergic to the jagua fruit. Your skin may react to jagua if your design is heavily exposed to heat or very hot water, even once the paste is off.

Please note that our henna paste contains lemon juice. This may cause irritation or sensitivity on some skin types.

stain difference



Although we can guarantee the freshness and quality of our products, they are 100% natural and unrefined. This means that the final color, intensity, or duration cannot be guaranteed. Under no circumstances will Anjali Henna be held responsible or liable for the final color, intensity, or duration of the henna and/or jagua stain. All sales are final.

Location, body temperature, individual skin type and tone, as well as the use of hand lotions, soaps, hand-sanitizers, spray-on tanning products, body oils, cosmetics, etc. all affect the final color of the henna and/or jagua stain. Customers are fully responsible for the proper care of their henna and/or jagua products. A detailed aftercare card will be provided with your order.